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The X Factor UK Sam Bailey Every Performances of the WINNER Sam Bailey - "Make You Feel My Love" Live Week 2 - The X Factor UK Apr 13, - Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. The X Factor Germany is a German television music competition to find new singing Contestant, Week 1, Week 2, Week 3, Week 4, Week 5, Week 6, Week 7. Sam Bailey - "Make You Feel My Love" Live Week 2 - The X Factor UK - YouTube. Wie viel verdient The X Factor UK? Findet The X Factor UK Einkommen und Vermögen heraus., The X Factor UK geschätztes Einkommen. Letzte 30 tage: €.

X Factor Week 2

ASIN: BYQ7QFY; Dimensioni e/o peso: 17,2 x 13,5 x 1,4 cm ; g; Data di uscita: 29 ottobre ; Lingua: Tedesco; Sottotitoli: Tedesco; Manuale. X-Factor (PS3). [eapi keyword=BYQ7QFY typ=button] Time for Platinum: 1 week, 3 days, 1 hour Time for %: no DLC Difficulty – personal opinion. Sam Bailey - "Make You Feel My Love" Live Week 2 - The X Factor UK - YouTube.

X Factor Week 2 Video

Louisa Johnson performs Michael Jackson classic - Live Week 2 - The X Factor 2015

Solid, but unexciting performance that will get him though this week. Louis: You are exactly what we are looking on the X Factor! You have the whole package!

We all get sick and we deal with it! The good news is, I absolutely loved that! Cheryl: This competition is getting better and better by the act!

You are a natural performer! Simon: You took a tack, made your own version … That was the best performance so far.

Cheryl and Mel were still young girls, Louis kinda looked like Simon a few years ago? And Simon and Sinitta looked … no comment.

This is why I love the 80s. Nothing else comes close. Fleur wants to up the ante this week. She starts the performance lying on a spinning record.

She sings and raps. Solid performance, but nothing outstanding. I think the backing track on the chorus drowned out her vocals a bit.

You reminds me of a young Mel B! You know exactly what you want to be. You smashed it. Simon: All contestants have backing vocals on the backing track.

This song choice is a lot better for them. James Graham is sick and is struggling with the high notes, but otherwise no major problems.

Mel B: That was a great song choice and you did a good job! I want to hear you sing acappella! Louis: Cheryl, that was a bit harsh on the boys!

She is also ill this week. No massive rearrangement here, but Lola delivers unique phrasing. She is still dealing with nerves, but I think she is getting better.

Louis: Lola, after that performance, you are definitely a dark horse in this competition! Mel B: You went from a fishmonger to a legend!

Simon: You are getting better and better, you could be a dark horse in this competition! Cheryl: You sounded like an angel.

He has one backing vocalist on stage and that guy sounds better than Jake. This song is too big for him and he looks out of his depth.

The backing track is drowning him out. Louis: A brave song choice, you absolutely made it your own! Simon: You give it your all, but the vocals were terrible.

Mel B: No, whatever you two. You really stepped up to a plate this week! You vocals were on point! Chloe sounds very confident in her VT.

She is again styled as a lounge singer. Video Loading Video Unavailable. Click to play Tap to play. The video will start in 8 Cancel Play now.

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Tipping Point Tipping Point fans were left in stitches this evening when a contestant wondered if a certain mountain could be found in Africa.

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At bootcamp the contestants had to perform two tasks. Task 1 involved the contestants had to sing solo, after which the judges eliminated half of the acts, bringing the total down to In Task 2 the contestants were paired up to perform together.

After Task 2 the judges narrowed down the acts to the 24 who progress on to the Judges's homes round. Fifth Harmony was known as LYLAS at this stage; their name was changed after they made the top 16 when a group consisting of four of Bruno Mars' sisters, called "The Lylas", claimed the show stole their name.

The judges received news of their categories from the producers by telephone, seen during the third bootcamp episode on October The live shows began on October 31, This was the debut episode for Lopez and Kardashian as hosts on the show.

Each week, the contestants performed on Wednesday, with the voting lines opening after the performances.

As with previous season, each live show has a different theme. The live final took place on December 19 and Each results show featured musical performances from at least two artists.

There was no guest performer on the first result show. The second results show featured two performances from The X Factor UK series seven second runner-up One Direction , [29] while Taylor Swift performed on the third result show.

This was the only season to feature the leaderboard which reveals which act has the most votes. One of the four acts that did not face the public vote in week one and was eliminated by mentor was reinstated to the show as the judges felt that the act should not have been eliminated in the previous week.

The reinstated act was announced as Diamond White at the start of the season's second live show. With the acts in the bottom two receiving two votes each, the result went to deadlock and reverted to the earlier public vote.

Brock was eliminated as the act with the fewest public votes. Starting from week three, two acts were eliminated from each results show until week six.

The three acts with the fewest public votes were announced and then the act with the fewest votes was automatically eliminated.

The remaining two acts then performed in the final showdown and face the judges' votes. For the first time this season, each contestant will perform two songs.

The list of song choices for the Pepsi Challenge was released via Twitter on December 1, The semi-final did not feature a final showdown nor a leaderboard.

Instead the act with the fewest public votes, Emblem3, were automatically eliminated. During the airing of the judges' houses episode on October 17, the show was stopped abruptly in the middle of Lovato's selection for the top 16 and cut immediately to a game of the National League Championship Series.

This was due to the fact that the game was halted and rescheduled later in the day due to a rain delay, to be played concurrently with The X Factor.

Many viewers took to the internet and called Fox to complain about the interruption. Cowell even took to his Twitter to comment that: "It's what's known as a total f up.

During the fifth live show in November, many voters reported of having their votes "rejected" and their calls cut off when attempting to vote for Paige Thomas; Thomas was eliminated the following night.

Fox and The X Factor affiliates have not confirmed or denied whether this had anything to do with Thomas' subsequent elimination the following night.

In the season two premiere, Don Philip, who once collaborated with Britney Spears, auditioned in front of the judges, and received a "no" from all judges.

He then told Access Hollywood that ten minutes of footage from the interview was cut as he says he felt bullied into revealing he was gay.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Redirected from The X Factor U. Season 2 judges. Season 2 hosts. Kansas City. San Francisco.

Due to the delay, ratings for the October 17 episode were lower than usual. The second hour aired as a separate episode in a special airing on October 23 on Fox in United States.

It returned on October The first live show was originally scheduled to air on November 1, while the first results show was originally scheduled as a special airing on Sunday November 4.

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Retrieved April 12, Retrieved May 10, May 13, For What? September 5, Retrieved September 1, May 14, Archived from the original on May 29, Retrieved May 14, Fox Broadcasting Company.

Retrieved May 25, Retrieved June 26, June 29, July 9, August 7,

X Factor Week 2 Video

X Factor Week 2 Simon: I think it was genius. Five After Midnight. She is still dealing with nerves, but I think she is getting better. TreyC can sing but theres nothing interesting about her voice, its almost the kind of voice that belongs in a group or a backing singer. Archived from the original on May 12, In the meantime, we've got performances from Little Mix and 3000 Kostenlos Spielen.De to endure enjoy, plus more recaps than you can shake a quivery hungover hand at. That girl made you a bit Erfahrungen Cmc Markets … Simon: Stevi, I like you. These cookies are used to make the shopping experience even more appealing, for example for the recognition of the visitor. Wir haben einen Rabattcode in deinen Warenkorb gelegt! Mehr zeigen. Wear it as you want is the whole idea of the garment - the Free Slot Robin Hood to do what you want when you want. Customer-specific caching. Comfort functions. Wusstest du, dass du nach Italien, Hawaii oder Barbados reisen kannst, ohne dein Wohnzimmer verlassen zu müssen? Die besten Weihnachts-Onesies Evaluations 0. Unsere Weihnachts-Onesie Kollektion ist zurück, und ist gemütlicher als je zuvor! Wir haben den Rabattcode in deinem Warenkorb hinzugefügt! Cookies erlauben. Decline all cookies. Similar products. Other cookies, which increase the usability of this website, serve for Javascript Download Chip advertising or simplify interaction with other websites and social networks, Star Stable Download only be used with your consent. X Factor Week 2

X Factor Week 2 - Sortiere, vergleiche und teile die Madden-Wertungen deiner Lieblingsspieler.

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For now, no one compares to Alexandra Burke and Stacey Solomon. Those acts are: Aiden! Thanks for making a mockery for what hip-hop stands for by singing a song you have nothing in common with!

Not to mention, could you have chosen a song that requires a bit less singing than that?! Toggle navigation. X Factor.

Published: Saturday 16th Oct by Sam. Posted under: X Factor. Nicki Minaj Announces 1st Dates Of…. From The Vault: Mariah Carey -…. Gyannistar October 16, MCboy October 16, Row Kid October 16, Dunster October 16, Jane miller October 16, Loved Paige again.

Will be voting for him every week. Lady Honest October 16, Daniel October 17, Shirleena Johnson October 17, Ayo October 17, Lashieee October 17, Dunster October 17, Carl October 17, October 17, Best performence of the night: Week 1 — Aiden!

Week 2 — Treyc! I hope the bottom three this week will be: Wagner! Belle Amie! Chers still getting the most youtube views, Mary and Matt are the best ones.

Irina October 17, Most Juicy Juicy Comments. The Predictions Are In! Who Are You Buying? You may also be interested in Now, fingers crossed that Rebecca doesn't bugger up the illusion by talking in her normal voice at the end.

He's singing a John Lennon song. At this point it sounds like it might be Jealous Guy, but it could also be an unreleased B-side where Lennon threw some cats into a cement mixer if the rehearsal footage is any indication.

With, and I'm not sure if this is deliberate, a giant bullet-hole as a backdrop. Nice one, X Factor. I don't know.

It's certainly very intense again. It didn't make me want to check the locks on my front door in a paranoid sweat as much as last week's performance did, though, so that's something.

I assume that's a compliment. I think I have just become physically aroused. Maybe from now on Wagner will only sing songs by people who he looks like, so next week it'll be a number from Bill Bailey's stand-up set, then the theme-tune to The Wrestler, and then some sort of viking folk song.

This is nothing sort of majestic, though. Those aren't dancers, they're just people who fell under Wagner's spell as he went about his daily business this week.

I want this song to be the new national anthem. I want Wagner to be stuck on top of the fourth plinth at Trafalgar Square forever, surrounded by all those women who keep molesting themselves.

I am physically and emotionally exhausted. I don't know how I'll be able to cope. But poor Katie, though, having to follow such a leathery sexbeast.

That's why she did so badly last week - because she performed a song from her first audition. That and because she's awful.

But anyway, this week Katie has decided to sing a song by Etta James who, oh, Katie also covered in her first audition. Honestly, what a catastrophic numpty.

But, brace yourselves, this performance isn't bad. She's actually singing it rather well. And she's wearing beads around her neck, instead of in her hair or on her wrists, for the first time since we met her.

This is a big improvement. Apparently Sophie is a fan of the pronounced dichotomy that separated Ray Davies's baroque lyrical capabilities from his brother Dave's often blunt guitar playing, and Esther appreciates that the internal friction between the two siblings set them apart from their s counterparts.

But let's all keep them in the competition for a few more weeks anyway, because they're set to self-destruct in a blaze of furious nylon and eyeliner any minute now.

And that's just going to be awesome to watch. God, I wish I were her. But, hey, while she's busy screaming for her life like a trapped miner, let's try and work out how Simon Cowell plans to undermine her popularity this week.

The old 'You're simply not a recording artist' line? Attacking the song choice? Announcing that the theme for next week's X Factor theme is Subtle Understatement?

He must have something good up his sleeve. Again, that's 'shouting'. Simon says that he likes Mary. I see. Playing the long game are we, Simon?

In his intro, Matt reveals his love for Nirvana. I don't know why he bothered - that was pretty evident from his rendition last week of that song by her out of Destiny's Child, wasn't it?

Oh, and also he's singing a note that only Mariah Carey and professional dolphins can reach. As for his song, it's the usual kind of high-pitched yearning we've come to expect from him.

Was it good? Like you, I've just had to process two and a half hours of this nonsense. Let's give it a solid seven out of ten. Another double eviction tomorrow night, so who'll go?

My money's on either Paije, John or Storm. As ever I'll be back here tomorrow night for the results show, where we can sit around twiddling our thumbs for 57 minutes and then act all indignant because the judges have saved Katie again.

In the meantime, I'd welcome your thoughts and theories and hints and pictures of shrines you've constructed to Wagner over on Twitter I'm stuheritage, by the way.

Thanks again for keeping me company. That's mental. Well, here we are again. It's been 24 hours since X Factor treated us to Storm on a motorbike, Cher on a plinth and the disturbing yet undeniably sexy mental image of Wagner on Mary, and now it's time for the fallout.

We've got a minute results show to wade through tonight which, in true X Factor style, will be made up of two musical numbers, four interminable recaps, about eight million adverts and a remaining 30 seconds where two acts will be eliminated as a total afterthought.

So who's for the chop? Aiden probably made the most strangulated caterwaul last night, but Storm had to fill the dreaded opening slot and everyone still thinks that Katie is an awful wazzock.

So it's anyone's guess, frankly. So get discussing, and I'll sporadically pop up to offer some inane observations over the next hour or so.

Let's go. And what's worse than a group X Factor rendition of a Lady Gaga song? A group X Factor rendition of a Lady Gaga song where Rebecca dresses up as Mini Mouse and Internet Dreamboy Matt Cardle forgets to take his coat off and Katie sings through a little circle she's made with her fingers and Cher does a rap in a lumberjack outfit.

That's worse. And, sadly, that's what we got. Here it is. Well, it doesn't matter, because she's back!

And this time, in a shameless effort to try and carve into Wagner's fanbase, she's brought some drummers. Nice try, Vickers, but I'm not falling for it.

Her song involves dressing up in a unitard, singing three words in a rough approximation of Her Out Of The Cranberries and then going "Whoo!

It's OK, but she's no Belle Amie, is she? I hope X Factor doesn't make a point of inviting back all of its guest judges.

I'm not sure I could take a musical appearance from Nicole Schitzengiggles, or whatever her name is. Despite the men with actual fire coming out of their hands, this isn't much of a song.

But its chorus goes "Baby you're a firework" so I'm guessing it's about Russell Brand. After all, you're not supposed to return to Russell Brand after you've shoved him into a milk bottle and set fire to him, either.

Matt and Rebecca are also through, deservedly. One Direction and Mary are through. Cher is through. Wagner is through, and now he has to follow up on his promise to do something incredible next weekend.

Even more incredible than holding a lion's tail in his pants? We can only dream. But, hey, I'll miss the red-haired lug.

And it looks like he was right, after all. Storm really was Born To Run. Born to run a small Subway franchise. Boom boom.

Amazingly, they're singing I Will Survive. You may as well turn your TV off now. They've got this in the bag. Compared to Belle Amie, who are probably yanking at each other's hair and screeching backstage, this can only be seen as a positive thing.

And singing it not very well. Still, remember that the important thing to take from this is: ha ha ha Simon Cowell.

Shows what I know, dunnit. I don't know why I'm allowed to do these liveblogs, I really don't. Diva Fever, far from being tonight's number one as Simon predicted, have been turfed out of X Factor.

Belle Amie live to squabble another day. And, without question, nobody will want to perform first next week.

Still, next week will be a doozy. Mainly because of Wagner.

X Factor Week 2

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