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If you are manually searching for games supported by the Linux Steam client, correct results are not guaranteed. You can view the correct list of supported Linux. How to install and use Windows-only Unity games on Linux. SteamDOS(Link ist extern). Compatibility tool to run DOS games on Steam through native Linux. PlayOnLinux will allow you to play your favorite games on Linux easily. Die Entwicklung des auf Wine basierenden Compatibility-Layers Proton geht voran. Der ist fest als Steam Play im Linux-Client von Valves. Steam Play Proton (), the Linux compatibility layer from Valve. die Informationslücke bezüglich neuen Linux Games oder dedicated.

Linux Game Compatibility

Die Entwicklung des auf Wine basierenden Compatibility-Layers Proton geht voran. Der ist fest als Steam Play im Linux-Client von Valves. Proton ermöglicht es Linuxspielern gewisse Steam-Spiele, deren einen Blick in die ProtonDB (zuvor bekannt als Steam Play Compatibility Report) write some useful debug scripts for that game into /tmp/proton_$USER/. Steam Play Proton (), the Linux compatibility layer from Valve. die Informationslücke bezüglich neuen Linux Games oder dedicated. People are practically motionless, frozen mid-charge. Here is a list of guides to Igel Spiele started. Momodora: Reverie Under The Moonlight. Interbellum team. IndieAdventure. If you want first person survival horror experience without spending a lot of money — Outlast is your best classic bet. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

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Top 4 Games on Linux that Install and Play Perfectly

Linux Game Compatibility Video

Top 9 Linux Terminal Games Steam Controller Rumble Hack A hack to get steam controller to support rumble on linux. Baldur's Gate II. World Of Warships. Darkfall: Rise of Agon. Frontlines: Fuel of War. Kohan II: Games Ohne Flash Player of War. Silent Hunter III.

The game can be played both online and offline. War thunder is a war game available for both modes of single-player and multiplayer as a free Linux game.

The game is based on the battle using air, naval and ground vehicles designed from the different war took-place in the real world.

This is one of the best because of the idea of battling with vehicles and provides knowledge about vehicles, especially from World War II.

Fishing Planet is an online simulation game and needs to be played with patience which makes the number of gamers limited at different places for fishing.

The game includes timing factors, various species of fish and bugs, etc. Fishing Planet is simple to set up but needs to have an internet connection to get access and play.

Since the game was released, the gamers are loving it and the number is increasing. Star Conflict is a game available in MMO Massively Multiplayer Online means the game is played among dozens of players around the world at the same time.

Star Conflict gained its popularity by an interesting storyline, attractive functions and combat by spaceships in space in both PVP and PVE mode.

The game was developed by Targem Games in on Linux as a free Linux game. Robocraft is a famous online fighting game where players need to make their own robot with in-game pieces of machinery and fight against other robots in different planets.

Robocraft created a hype among the young gamers of this generation since it was released as a free Linux game.

It has a currency known as Robots to buy variables. Robocraft costs some money to be a premium member to double the XP. AdVenture Capitalist is a business game where players need to generate revenue by investing in-game money.

The game has earth, moon, and mars levels. Users will have a lemonade stand at the start of the game. The game was launched as a free Linux game with mixed reviews of negativity and positivity.

Negative reviews are mainly because of its small reward and small progression rate which makes the game boring. It was a mod of Half-Life 2 and later on, the game was re-released officially as a free Linux game.

The game is available in both objective mode and survival mode. A match is held between two teams consisting of 3 players in each. Users gained free access to every feature of the game in and it became one of the best games for the nice combat experience.

After running for a long time the developer company has decided to stop developing it until further notice. Players need to join other players and kill the zombies in the game to survive in a destroyed world.

They have to make their things with the natural resources which are available in nature. Dead Maze became popular for its idea of surviving through crafting, grafting, and campaigning.

Linux users are loving it since it was released. The main target was to make it easier for the university level students to revise what they studied in the 1st year and have been more than fulfilled and going beyond the boundary.

People are playing it to know about the body-related things and gamers are loving it since its release. Tank Force is a shooting arcade free Linux game that can be played only online.

The game is so old but still got the attention of gamers with the multiplayer tank battle since it was released. Tank Force is consisting of 36 rounds with different levels of difficulty.

Toribash is an online fighting game released as a free Linux game in with both modes single and multiplayer. Players can customize their character, the physiological structure and also the movement for combating opponents.

The tactic is more important rather than the customization of the character in the game. The game has a good number of positive reviews with a few negative reviews that are not so negative.

The Pirate is an online game mix up of adventure and shooting which is done by the ships available in the game.

Players can upgrade their ships, use different weapons, ammo, upgrade the level of captain and many more. The game got a good number of positive reviews since it was released.

Stasis is an adventure game as well as a puzzle game based on objectives to fulfill. Stasis was released as a free game and created a separate fan base for it.

The puzzle-solving idea has made this game a special one. Hedgewars is a comedy action game which is a free Linux game that can be played online or offline against real players or in-game bots.

Up to 8 players can play together in a single match. Players of hedgewars are generally referred to as commandos who assemble the hedgehogs and move to combat zone.

The hilarious movement has made this game more interesting. Developers are providing updates of Hedgewars as people love it.

If you want me to include any specific games in this Best Free Linux Games list, then please let me know in the comment section below.

As a game enthusiast, I have tried to give you some queries about your questions for Linux game. Hope my research came to you, with light.

So not just read the article, go and try for those free trials on Linux today. While this list may be fine for some, where does one find a simple, well made exploration game or two that is NOT war-like, competitive, combative, shoot-to-kill, or require you to do stuff that in real life would be illegal??

No no no no, why DOTA? Urban Terror gotta be the best Linux game, side by side with 0 A. We should add Shell Shockers to this list. To play the game well, you need to fire fiercely and at the same time dodge cleverly.

Sir, you must be kidding. Will the games mentioned in the feed work with a Raspberry Pi, with Ubuntu operating system? Please explain, either yes or no.

Dota 2 is a sequel to Warcraft 3, which complied with multiplier gen. RuneScape is a freemium game available for Linux that is mighty fine.

Hi there, nice summary but let me fix some things for you. Really really dead. Great, but dead. Besides that, i hope to read more from you in the future about linuxgaming.

I am really thankful to you for your useful and informative suggestions. I have already corrected all those mentioned mistakes.

Once again thanks. Mh, Football Manager … on the website is only the current product, to buy, but with a region block.

Was free, indeed? And where could you get a copy of it? You are correct. This game is no more free at all.

I have removed it and replaced with FreeCiv — an empire building strategy game. There is much better games for Linux. I mean Warsaw, Alien Arena and Cube are games that are in every software repository on every popular Linux distribution.

They are far from best Linux games. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

Sign in. Log into your account. Forgot your password? Privacy Policy. Password recovery. Recover your password. Ubuntu PIT. Alien Arena: Warriors Of Mars 2.

Battle for Wesnoth 3. Xonotic 4. Dota 2 6. FreeCiv 7. True Combat: Elite 8. AssaultCube Cube 2 Dark Place Red Eclipse Super Tux Kart Warsow Zero Ballistics Team Fortress 2 War Thunder Fishing Planet Star Conflict Robocraft AdVenture Capitalist No More Room In Hell Awesomenauts Dead Maze Tank Force Toribash The Pirate: Caribbean Hunt Stasis Hedgewars Final Thought.

Featured Linux. By Mehedi Hasan. Best Free Linux Games In this article, we have tried to include all the free and best games for the Linux system but still, you may find some games comes with a free trial before you make any final decision.

Download 2. Battle for Wesnoth This game is a strategy based game. Download 3. Xonotic This one is the most famous game of on Linux. Download 4.

D This game is one of the finest projects you will come to see in Linux games content. Download 5.

Dota 2 Dota 2 is a sequel to Warcraft 3, which complied with the multiplier gen. Download 6. FreeCiv Let me introduce you to the long-lasting fever of empire-building strategic game, FreeCiv.

Download 7. True Combat: Elite This game is a shooting game on Linux and one of the best free Linux games you will find throughout the whole action section.

Download 8. Download 9. AssaultCube This game is a multiple players game and one of the best Linux free games with multiple players.

Interestingly, you do not need to create an account to download free games. You can simply head to its page and download the file meant for Linux.

You can also look into the software repositories of your own Linux distribution. There will always be some games on it.

If you are using Ubuntu, the Software Center itself has an entire section for games. The same is true for other Linux distributions such as Linux Mint etc.

In other words, the latest and greatest games do not support Linux for the most and are available for Windows only. Steam utilizes a compatibility layer to directly run a Windows-specific game on Linux.

With the help of Wine, you can install and use a number of Windows applications in Linux. There is a huge database of applications and games supported by Wine that you can browse.

CrossOver is an improved version of Wine that brings professional and technical support to Wine. But unlike Wine, CrossOver is not free. The good thing about CrossOver is that every purchase contributes to Wine developers and that in fact boosts the development of Wine to support more Windows games and applications.

We already have a separate article on how to use GameHub on Linux. Lutris is something similar to GameHub but supports a wide range of sources that include Origin, Uplay, Epic Games Launcher, and several others.

It makes it easy for you to play Windows-only games on Linux. And, it is a quite popular tool used by many users. You can also check the official list of games it potentially supports before trying it out.

PlayOnLinux too is based on Wine but implemented differently. It has a different interface and slightly easier to use than Wine. Like Wine, PlayOnLinux too is free to use.

It may not be the best choice among the others mentioned but you can browse the applications and games supported by PlayOnLinux on its database to decide for yourself.

Needless to say that there are tons of browser-based games that are available to play in any operating system, be it Windows or Linux or Mac OS X.

Most of the addictive mobile games, such as GoodGame Empire , also have their web browser counterparts. These Chrome games are installed like a standalone app and they can be accessed from the application menu of your Linux OS.

Some of these Chrome games are playable offline as well. The added advantage of using Linux is that you can use the command line terminal to play games as well.

To help you out, we have two separate lists of top command-line games and best ASCII games which are pretty easy to install.

Now that you know where to find the games and how to use them on Linux, the next question is — how to stay updated about new games on Linux?

And for that, I advise you to follow these blogs that provide you with the latest happenings of the Linux gaming world:.

In fact, here are more websites Linux gamers should follow. There are plenty of free Linux games that you can try at the moment.

Do you play games on your Linux desktop? What are your favorites? What blogs do you follow to stay updated on the latest Linux games?

Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below. I am an avid Linux lover and open source enthusiast.

I use Ubuntu and believe in sharing knowledge. Apart from Linux, I love classic detective mysteries. I'm a huge fan of Agatha Christie's work.

Firstly let me begin by saying that I use both Arch and Win10 dual boot. The former is for an all-purpose system while the latter is solely used for gaming.

I know the ins and outs of how to get games to work on Arch, with proton, DXVK and esync and some tweaking majority of games run smoothly.

Not to mention the common problems with audios. I understand and agree with the superiority of Linux compared with other OSes in the market and the telemetry of Win10 but from the perspective of someone who just wants to play video-games, I cannot stress enough that Win10 is the far superior system for it.

For those who are in a limbo regarding both of these OSes, remember this, gaming on Linux is mostly a political statement and the people who uses Linux are using it for an all-purpose system and gaming is part of it.

Flexibility is a good thing, a positive-trait that makes life easier. From my experiences on why people are reluctant to switch over to Linux is the elitism of the community, the comfort of a familiar environment will always trump an unfamiliar one, no matter how unethical the former is.

As for the others, dual booting is an idea.

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Armoured Onslaught. RollerCoaster Tycoon 3. Cart Life.

Linux Game Compatibility - Diese Spiele laufen jetzt problemlos

Command And Conquer : Red Alert 3. Balls of Steel. Durch die weitere Nutzung dieser Webseite erklären Sie sich damit einverstanden. Goldberg Emulator Steam emulator that emulates steam online features. Hilf uns Games4Linux. World in Conflict. Microsoft Freecell. Legend of Grimrock Steam. Getting Up: Contents Under Pressure. Vantage Master Online. Seitenansichten Flatex De Login, Lemmings 2. Rome Total War Gold Edition. Rescue Team. Open Joystick Display A powerful and easy to use streamer-ready overlay for your joystick or gamepad. Running Schnell Geld Gewinnen Rifles. Linux Voice Activated Macro. AceSpeeder2 Origin. Mega Pony. I think both Mint and Bodhi linux suck. The Hitman series is obviously one of the most loved game series for a PC gamer. Vision Riders Entertainment. Krillbite Studio. Essentially, Proton is a compatibility layer a modified version of Wine between Windows and Monopoly Spielen Deutsch. View Mobile Casino With Bonus. Proton ermöglicht es Linuxspielern gewisse Steam-Spiele, deren einen Blick in die ProtonDB (zuvor bekannt als Steam Play Compatibility Report) write some useful debug scripts for that game into /tmp/proton_$USER/. Proton ist eine auf Wine basierende quelloffene Software, die von Valve entwickelt wird. Ziel von Proton ist es, Steam-Spiele, die für Windows erstellt wurden, auch unter Linux spielen zu. While FreeBSD doesn't see much in the way of game ports besides compatibility with open-source games/engines, FreeBSD's Linux binary. Proton is exciting just for the convenience of getting right into a game. RAM: 32 GB. Compatibility tool for Steam Play based on Wine and additional components​. is set to windows xp compatibility mode through winecfg. Once you have your windows steam game in your playonlinux bottle (I install. Linux Game Compatibility Mit einer weiteren Einstellung könnt ihr Proton Merkur Spielothek Spiele Kostenlos für die gesamte Spiele-Bibliothek erweitern. Star Trek Online. Hunted: The Demon's Forge. Shellshock 2: Blood Trails. Tom Startr Ghost Recon. Oversteer Steering Wheel Manager for Linux. Command And Conquer : Red Alert 3.

All Games. Top Ten Unrated: 0. Top Hundred Unrated: 1. Top Thousand Unrated: Show Rating Definitions. What is Proton?

What is ProtonDB? The Impact Steam Play now officially supports a limited but growing set of 'whitelisted' games that are deemed Proton-compatible and play on Linux.

Why is this a big deal? How do I help? Let's get started. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive k. Dota 2 k. Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege k.

Grand Theft Auto V k. Monster Hunter: World 83k. Team Fortress 2 78k. Football Manager 77k. Destiny 2 76k. Rust 74k.

Have some feedback? Come join us on Discord! Arachnid Games. Balcony Team. Bard to the Future. Battlebard Games. Bard's Gold. Turning Wheel LLC.

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment. Action , Free to Play. Battle for Blood. YFC games. Casual , Free to Play , Strategy. Battle For The Sun.

Appsolutely Studios. Battle Group 2. Bane Games. Merge Games. Great War Team. Best Way Soft. Battle Ranch. Action , Indie , Strategy , Casual. Battle Worlds: Kronos.

The Behemoth. Microsoft Studios , The Behemoth. Funnel Inc. Gravity Europe. Free to Play , Strategy.

Beach Bounce. Bear Haven Nights. SunRay Games. Bear Simulator. Beasts of Prey. Octagon Interactive. Action , Indie , Adventure. Cold Beam Games. Action , Indie , Casual.

BeatBlasters III. Chainsawesome Games. Beatbuddy: Tale of the Guardians. Reverb Publishing. Adventure , Casual , Indie , Action.

Before the Echo. Iridium Studios. Indie , RPG. Indie , Adventure. Bernie Needs Love. Protomni Multimedia. Action , Indie , Casual , Indie , Adventure.

Spiderling Studios. Best of Us. Tiger and Squid. Beyond Gravity. Qwiboo Ltd. Action , Casual. Andre Bertaglia.

Big Journey to Home. The Light Sword Team. Indie , RPG , Strategy. Big Thinkers 1st Grade. Humongous Entertainment. Big Thinkers Kindergarten.

Bik - A Space Adventure. Ant Workshop Ltd. Biodrone Battle. Indie , Turn-based strategy. Bionic Heart 2. Bit Blaster XL. Nickervision Studios.

Bit Shifter. Plastic Games. TRIP Presents Runner2: Future Legend of Rhythm Alien. Bitardia Cards: Memes of 2ch. Casual , Free to Play.

Black Ice. Super Duper Garrett Cooper. Sand Sailor Studio. FiolaSoft Studio. Blacksea Odyssey. Wadjet Eye Games.

Action , Indie , Racing. Tenwall Creatives, Inc. Ian Campbell. Blinding Dark. Games Hut. Block Legend DX. Dot Warrior Games.

Adventure , RPG. Swing Swing Submarine. Blockwick 2. Kieffer Bros. Blood Code. WeShare Games. Indie , Simulation , Strategy , Casual. Dagestan Technology.

Blue Libra. Orator Games. Blue Rose. White Cat. Adventure , Indie , Simulation. Blue Sheep. Noetic Games. Erik Svedäng.

Blueprint Tycoon. Endless Loop Studios. A Crowd of Monsters. Bolt Riley, A Reggae Adventure. Adventure Mob. BOMB: Who let the dogfight?

La Moustache Studio. Action , Indie , Adventure , Simulation. Eyebrow Interactive. Dracula Bytes. Action , Casual , Indie.

Bombing Bastards. Vladis Fire. Rooted Concepts. Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel. The Secret Pie. Boson X. Ian MacLarty.

Mirko Seithe. Bot Vice. DYA Games. Action RPG. Indie , Strategy , Casual. Reperio Studios. Interbellum team. Indie , Strategy , RPG. Tortuga Team.

Braveland Pirate. Braveland Wizard. Bloober Team SA. Mighty Rabbit Studios. Gambitious Digital Entertainment. Break Chance Memento. Cyanide Tea.

Pugsley LLC. Bridge Constructor Medieval. Bridge Constructor Playground. Bridge Constructor Stunts. Aerosoft GmbH. Stellar Jockeys.

Ithaqua Labs. Adventure , Casual , Simulation. Duct Tape Games. Double Fine Productions. Broken Bots. Broken Dreams. Mihai Morosanu.

New Reality Games. Revolution Software Ltd. Broken Sword 2 - the Smoking Mirror: Remastered. Broken Sword 5 - the Serpent's Curse. Brushwood Buddies.

Steven Colling. Bunny Bash. DarkArts Studios. Buried: An Interactive Story. Bromoco Games. Burokku Girls. Silver Cow Studio.

Xtase Studios. Paul Harrington. Super Walrus Games. C14 Dating. Incandescent Imaging. Can't Drive This.

Pixel Maniacs. Havishamone Games. Cannon Brawl. Turtle Sandbox. Capsule Force. Captain Forever Remix. Pixelsaurus Games. Jerome Bodin. Card City Nights.

Cardinal Quest 2. Randomnine Ltd. Cargo Commander. Serious Brew. Missing Link Games. Carnivore Land.

Carpe Diem. Moonlit Studios. Carrotting Brain. Raving Bots. Castle Chaos. Odd Comet Games. Catacomb Kids. Catacombs of the Undercity.

Catmouth Island. Colonthree Enterprises. Cats are Liquid. Last Quarter Studios. Caveman World: Mountains of Unga Boonga.

GrabTheGames Studios. Caverns of the Snow Witch. Freehold Games. Platform , Indie. Celestial Command. Celestian Tales: Old North.

Ekuator Games. Vertical Skull Games. Centauri Sector. George Neguceanu. LW Games. Jötunn Games. Chainsaw Warrior: Lords of the Night.

Challenge of the Five Realms. Champion of the Gods. Champions of Breakfast. Pirate Software. Snapshot Games Inc.

Chasing Dead. Cheaters Blackjack BlackOpzFX Labs. Casual , Simulation , Strategy. Cheats 4 Hire. Team Chesster. Chicken Invaders 2. InterAction studios.

Chicken Invaders 3. Chicken Invaders 4. Chicken Invaders 5. Children of Liberty. Lantana Games. Chill the Piro. Sergey Marchenko.

Chilled Mouse. Chivalry: Medieval Warfare. Choice of Alexandria. Choice of Kung Fu. Choice of Robots. Choice of the Deathless. Choice of the Petal Throne.

Choice of the Pirate. Chuck's Challenge 3D. Niffler Ltd. Nkidu Games Inc. Kenny Sun. Circuit Breakers. Digital Tentacle. Colossal Order Ltd. City Quest.

Stone Monkey Studios. City Z. Little Cloud Games. September 21, Civilization V: Brave New World.

March 15, February 16, February 9, Civilization VI: Rise and Fall. February 8, Clock Simulator. Clockwork Tales: Of Glass and Ink. Aslan Game Studio.

Club Life. Dharker Studio. Action , Casual , Strategy. ClusterPuck PHL Collective. Indie , Sports. Pixelz Games.

Codename CURE. Hoobalugalar X. Coffee Pot Terrarium. Brothers Flint. Coffin Dodgers. Indie , Casual. Binary Cocoa.

Color By. Team Polykroma. Polykroma Games. Color Symphony 2. Color Syndrome. Thrill Pill Games. Kirill Belman. Commander Cool 2.

Community College Hero: Trial by Fire. Conan the mighty pig. Concrete and Steel. Matterhorn Software LTD. Conflicks - Revolutionary Space Battles.

Conquest of Elysium 3. Conquest of Elysium 4. Counter-Strike: Condition Zero. Counter-Strike: Source. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Paradox Development Studio.

February 14, Action role-playing , survival horror. Strategy , Simulation. Action-adventure , Survival , Roguelike. Valve Steam.

Linux , Others. Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. Action role-playing , First-person shooter , Stealth. Doom 3 BFG Edition. FPS , survival horror.

Hitbox Team. City-building game , Roguelike. Survival Horror , Action role-playing. Ministry of Games. The Creative Assembly , Feral Interactive. Enemy Territory: Quake Wars.

First Person Shooter. Euro Truck Simulator 2. Europa Universalis IV. Grand Strategy , Historical. Expeditions: Conquistador.

Logic Artists. Tactical role-playing game. ETR Team. Linux , PlayStation 4 , Microsoft Windows. Action , Indie , Real-time strategy , Survival.

Fall of Gyes. FPS , Indie , Western. Fruit Man Adventures. Platformer , Indie. Sandbox , Physics. Ghost Blade HD.

Ghost Control Inc. Turn-based strategy , Indie. Sports , Indie. GRID Autosport. Grim Fandango Remastered. Adventure , Point-and-click. Valve , Gearbox Software.

PigeoNation Inc. Multiplayer online battle arena. February 24, Top-down , Action. Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number. Human Resource Machine.

Dating sim , tile-matching. Intrusion 2. Aleksey Abramenko. Joe Danger 2: The Movie. Kerbal Space Program. Space flight simulator. Four Leaf Studios.

Lego City Undercover. Almost Human Ltd. Action role-playing. Graphic adventure. Playdead , Microsoft Game Studios.

Puzzle , Platform. Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime. Asteroid Base. Action , Platform. Action-adventure , open world. Action , adventure , indie , rpg.

Linux , Mac OS. Magic Circle. Sandbox game , fps. Platformer , action. Linux , Microsoft Windows , Ouya. Metro: Redux. Action , platform.

Sandbox , survival. Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor. Feral Interactive , Warner Bros. Momodora: Reverie Under The Moonlight.

Mount and Blade: Warband. TaleWorlds Entertainment. David O'Reily. Unknown Worlds Entertainment. Steam digital.

InterWave Studios , GameConnect. Linux , Microsoft Windows , macOS.

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